What to do when you encounter wildlife.

Most important leave wildlife alone in their own environment!

It is very tempting to play with baby animals, but remember moms are very protective. If you do encounter baby wildlife do not bother them, leave them where they are. They are usually better off where they are, you can be sure that mom is close by. If you do touch them the mom may abandon them because of your smell has been transferred to them. For grown wildlife, give them plenty of space don't be threatening, don't run, always be careful when in the outdoors. To see more advice click here.
Injured wildlife is even more dangerous. It is better to call the Game and Fish Department for your area. For New Mexico call +1-888-248-6866 They are better equipped to capture and to keep the animal from further injury. They will also have all the facilities identified that are best suited to handle the type of wild animal that is injured.

What we offer

Our facility can accommodate small to large mammals, birds of prey, reptiles, amphibians, and other bird species. We have a full surgery area, recovery areas based on the species needs. Our facility is supported by volunteers in addition to our main staff. All the staff is trained to the proper handling of wildlife and their care.

Dr. Samantha Uhrig, DVM, started the wildlife center July 2012, with the help of the board of directors to oversees the funding and finances of the facility. Dr. Uhrig oversees all the wildlife center activities and works with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, Living Desert Zoo and Gardens State Park, Land of Enchantment Wildlife Foundation, Cottonwood Rehabilitation Center, Santa Fe Raptor Center, Wildlife Rescue Inc. of New Mexico, New Mexico Wildlife Center, Hawks Aloft, as well as other wildlife centers around the United States, in support of the protection and rehabilitation of our wildlife.
The wildlife center is a US and New Mexico non-profit organization. The funding is received through Amazon Smile and you can donate directly via our PayPal. You can also donate through different fundraisers that are listed at the top of this page. Thank you for your consideration!

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